Vitrealspecchi is an Italian company specializing in satin glass and other chemically etched flat glass products, which it has marketed under the Madras® brand since 1968. Its unique experience in the sector enables it to transform float glass – whether monolithic, laminated, silvered or lacquered – into prestige materials for Architecture and Design.
Such prestige reflects not only the high quality of the raw material but also the excellence of creative and industrial processes carried out exclusively in Italy in full compliance with European environmental legislation.
Vitrealspecchi’s range features both decorative and functional products, such as anti-slip, anti-scratch and privacy glass. So the field of application is wide, from construction (exterior and interior) to furnishing, while its rich catalogue offers solutions for all types of use, whether residential or public, including retail structures, offices, hotels and spas in particular.

Photo: Vitrealspecchi©