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A vast range of patterns with different finishes – from simple satin to deep etching – on one or both sides of the plate, designed to meet the needs of contemporary design and architecture. The famous Madras® quality is recognizable in the tiniest of details, as ever.
Discover the Madras®Textures collection: webs, weaves and imprints inspired by nature and manmade objects create unexpected textural effects in glass.

Stream Limited

Stream Limited
Stream Limited 80/225 – 80/321
Madras® Limited is an exclusive opportunity for glass doors, partitions, shower-screens: a delicately engraved texture is limited to a single band. Above and below it, absolute transparency.
This innovative juxtaposition is mainly aesthetic, as it renders doors, walls and shower screens extremely “light” in visual terms and increases the “depth” of the ambience.
But it also has a functional purpose: the etched band is positioned to protect privacy (shower screens) and repel fingerprints (doors and walls).