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Madras® satin finish products.
Madras® satin finish products have revolutionized the concept of translucent flat glass for construction and décor work and are now components of choice for architecture and design.
Satin finishing and chemical etching, unlike sanding and varnishing, enable glass surfaces to be made permanently translucent in highly sophisticated ways, in terms of both touch and light transmission and diffusion.
Perfect uniformity of etching and constant quality are Madras® satin finish glass hallmarks that guarantee a perfect and permanent end result, even after subsequent transformation.
According to the desired degree of translucency, light transmission and surface tactile feeling, you can choose from three different options: Ecosat Screen, Ecosat Velo, Ecosat Maté.

Satin finish glass double face laminated with coloured PVB film.
Base material: laminated float glass to UNI EN 1449:2005 with coloured transparent/opaque PVB film.
Description and characteristics: both sides of the plate are chemically and permanently opacified so that it very effectively screens vision whilst allowing light through. Surface: compact, smooth to the touch and fingerprint resistant.
Plate sizes: 2250/2400 x 3210 mm
Thicknesses: 33.1/44.1mm.
Colours: opaque white, semitransparent clear, bronze, orange.
Admitted processes: all mechanical processes of glass (cutting, grinding, bevelling, etching, drilling, double glazing, painting, silvering, etc.)
Interior/Exterior applications: doors and windows, wall cladding, wardrobe doors, shower-screens, building (façades, roofing, parapets, shelters, etc.).
Colours and finishings in the photographs may look slightly different from those of the real products: we recommend that customers examine sample glass before choosing products.
Ecosat Maté double face laminated
The satin finish on both sides gives doors a more striking aspect, screens more effectively and simplifies mounting.