Graffiti. Minimal, textured, contemporary.
The decorative patterns most used in architecture and design have character but do not make an excessive impact on the ambience. It’s a well calibrated relationship that’s nicely exemplified by Graffiti, the new glass product from Madras®. Its surface is pleasingly textured, with a play of shiny/matte contrasts reminiscent of a dévoré fabric weave but also the graphic look of electronic circuits.
The contemporary flavour of the texture of Madras® Graffiti, which can be produced not only on monolithic float but also silvered glass, and its sober elegance make it perfect for doors, walls and furniture coverings.
Like all Madras® products, Madras® Graffiti is manufactured by an exclusive chemical process that guarantees perfect uniformity of finish, higher resistance to fingerprints and easy cleaning, qualities much appreciated where there is frequent direct contact with the public.
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Graffiti. Minimal, textured, contemporary.