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Madras® dresses
SGG Timeless®.
Exclusive Madras® design meets Saint-Gobain’s SGG Timeless® technology to create a new product: SGG Timeless® Design, a highly transparent glass that’s treated on one side with a practically invisible magnetronic coating that protects it against corrosion and embellished on the other side by unique Madras® decoration.
SGG Timeless® Design was specially developed for bathroom applications, such as shower boxes and bath tub panels. With its anti-corrosion function, SGG Timeless® Design is a product that requires only the simplest of maintenance, because its surface facilitates the run-off of water, thus limiting the formation of limescale, soap residues and condensation.
Choose your style:
SGG Timeless® Design Crossing for a modern and dynamic shower, with character. The close decorative pattern creates a “now you see me, now you don’t” effect and enhances the bathroom ambience.
SGG Timeless® Design Movie for a shower that fits discreetly into any context.
SGG Timeless® Design is made with 8 mm plates of clear glass measuring 2250 x 3210 mm. It has to be tempered to obtain the functional properties of the finished product. In the installation phase, the side of the glass with the magnetronic coating must face the inside of the shower, while the decorated surface must face outward.
Madras® dresses SGG Timeless®