Ecosat Screen. Anti-scratch + anti-stain certified satin-finish glass.
Ecosat Screen, the new Madras® satin-finish glass for architecture and design, is really multitasking.
Its surface is exceptionally smooth to the touch and lustrous as silk.
A special manufacturing process makes the etched part translucent to ensure light transmission and a degree of transparency noticeably higher than that of other satin finishes. It’s almost transparent from close up.
But that’s not all: Ecosat Screen’s exclusive finish also ensures maximum and certified resistance to scratches and the action of many staining agents, whether greasy or liquid and coloured like marker pens, etc.
These characteristics mean the product is exceptionally easy to clean compared to traditional satin-finish glass, in both the transformation and maintenance phases.
So, in addition to offering a high-impact product for doors, partition walls and furnishings, Ecosat Screen also turns out to be eminently suitable for tables, work surfaces, including bathroom and kitchen tops, and writing surfaces (IWBs): a quick wipe with an eraser and all traces of felt-tip markings disappear.
Ecosat Screen new satin-finish glass.