Madras® quality starts with the glass.
A plate of Madras® is basically a plate of float glass, which is obtained by pouring molten glass onto a bath of molten tin. This process delivers a plate of glass with both sides perfectly flat, making it suitable for precision work. Etching is then used to modify one/two side/s of the glass but without altering the plate’s strength characteristics.
Dimensions: 1800/2250/2400/2550 x 3210 mm (see specific product data).
Thicknesses: 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15/19, 33.1/44.1/55.1 mm (see specific product data).
Colours: will not alter because they’re the original colours of the float glass: extra-clear, clear, rosaline, green, bronze, grey, blue. In this range of colours Madras® is characterized by its constancy of tone: what’s more, the “clear” colour doesn’t have a dominant tone.
Madras® is also available based on silvered float glass Madras®Silver to UNI EN 1036: 2001, and on varnished float glass Madras®Lac.
EU float monolithic glass standard: UNI EN 572 1-2: 2004, which also covers such characteristics as thickness, dimensions, orthogonality and relative tolerances.
EU float laminated glass standard: UNI EN 12543:2000.