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Madras® technologies applied to painted float glass produce a variety of very particular effects. This makes Madras®Lac solutions ideal for cladding walls and interior design elements: innovative, original and practical.
Madras® painted glass collection. Model: Tricot Maté Lac
Base material: float glass (Lacobel®) coated on one side with a high-quality paint. Description and characteristics: the non-lacquered side of the plate is chemically and permanently etched. The decorative satin pattern stands out on a shiny ground. The surface is perfectly smooth. Also available in a safety version with Safe film.
Plate size: 2250 x 3210 mm.
Standard thickness: 4 mm.
Weight: 2,5 kg/sqm/mm thickness.
Standard colours: white, black.
Compatible processing: all mechanical processes associated with glass (cutting, grinding, bevelling, etching, drilling).
Internal use only: wall cladding, storage units, wardrobe doors, doors, furnishing accessories, etc.
For full details on transformation processes and applications, we recommend visiting / product: Lacobel.
Tricot Maté Lac