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A vast range of patterns with different finishes – from simple satin to deep etching – on one or both sides of the plate, designed to meet the needs of contemporary design and architecture. The famous Madras® quality is recognizable in the tiniest of details, as ever.
Discover the Madras®Décor collection: bold patterns that give character to the home and grace to public spaces.

Madras glass model Ton rosa, verde, blu
Base material: monolithic float glass to UNI EN 572 1-2: 2004.
Description and characteristics: one side of the plate is chemically and permanently etched so that it partially screens vision whilst allowing light through. The matte texture is very slightly in relief, on a sparkling satin finish ground. The coloured enamel decorative elements are vitrified at very high temperature to ensure high resistance to scratches and sunlight induced colour change. Good fingerprint resistance.
Plate size: 1800 x 3210 mm.
Thicknesses: 5 mm.
Weight: 2,5 kg/sqm/mm thickness.
Standard colour: clear float with pink/blue/green enamelling.
Admitted processes: all mechanical and heat processes of glass (cutting, grinding, bevelling, etching, drilling, laminating, double glazing, painting, silvering, enamelling, tempering, bending, etc.).
Interior/Exterior applications: doors and windows, furnishing (wall cladding, wardrobe, table-tops, etc), bathroom (shower-screens, furnishing), building (façades, roofing, parapets, shelters, etc).
Madras® Décor collection