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Total transparency.
Transparency, the absolute purity of crystalline matter. The original function of glass – to protect without blocking vision – is maintained, whilst the beauty of the material itself is enhanced by technology and light.
Madras® mod. Silk Cristalli
Base material: float glass to EN 572 1-2.
Description and characteristics: one side of the plate is chemically and permanently etched without affecting the transparency of the glass; Its texture is slightly raised, just touch appreciable. Very easy to clean.
Sheet size: 2250 x 3210 mm (useful 2210 x 3170 mm)
Thickness: monolithic float glass 4/5/6/8/10/12 mm.
Weight: 2,5 kg/sqm/mm thickness.
Colours: extraclear, clear.
Compatible processing: all mechanical and thermal glass processes: cutting, grinding, bevelling, drilling, laminating, toughening, bending, double glazing, painting, enamelling etc.
Applications: Internal applications: doors, partitions walls, furniture, shower screens etc. / External applications: façades, parapets, shelters etc.
Silk Cristalli