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Total transparency.
Transparency, the absolute purity of crystalline matter. The original function of glass – to protect without blocking vision – is maintained, whilst the beauty of the material itself is enhanced by technology and light.
Madras Cristalli model Punto xl-n
Base material: monolithic float glass to UNI EN 572 1-2: 2004.
Description and characteristics: one side of the plate is chemically processed to produce a permanent and uniform texture of tiny engraved points (Ø 2 mm approx.) that do not affect the transparency of the glass. The type of glass and its processing allow transmission, within the thickness of the glass, of light from a led source placed against the edges of the product.
Plate size: 2250 x 3210 mm.
Thickness: max 10 mm.
Weight: 2,5 kg/sqm/mm thickness.
Standard colour: extraclear.
Admitted processes: all types of mechanical processing of glass (cutting, grinding, bevelling, engraving, perforation), tempering, lamination, assembly in insulated glazing units, lacquering, enamelling, etc. Bending may alter the dimensions of the texturing points (depending on the radius of curvature) and thus prevent luminous transmission of light from leds.
Interior/Exterior applications: bathroom (shower-screens, furnishing), doors and windows, furnishing (wall cladding, wardrobe, table-tops etc.), building (façades, roofing, parapets, shelters etc.).

Punto xl-n Cristalli