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Façades with high-tech & décor Madras®
Madras® can also give distinctively new formal and aesthetic effects to highly technological and functional façades.
Pyrolytic glass products: Madras® special etching techniques applied to solar control glass interact with their silvery glints to create an extremely lively impact that can also be admired at a distance.
Scenographic glazing: special textures only obtainable with acid etching interact with the light to provide textured effects much appreciated in scenographic glazing.
Screening that’s internal-external, day-night or progressively differentiated: for these types of requirement Madras® offers functional solutions like Madras® Pixel, the curtain-effect glass, and Madras® Nuvola, a transparent glass with a progressive satin finish.

Etched translucent glass façade.
Etched translucent glass façade.
Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA).
Glass: Madras® Silk, 15 mm, extra-clear, tempered and painted.