Madras® cares for the environment
Glass chemical etching always involves the use of substances that are pollutants if not properly treated.
In line with the rest of the European Union, Italy has defined precise parameters for measuring the characteristics of effluent water and air-borne emissions produced by this process.
In over 50 years of experience and with the co-operation of research and analysis organizations, Vitrealspecchi has developed exclusive know-how in the field of liquid and air-borne waste and has a high-tech waste treatment plant to deal efficiently and safely with pollutants. It is thus fully compliant with the most stringent European laws on environmental protection.
The cost of installing and maintaining such systems is inevitably reflected in the price of Vitrealspecchi’s finished products. We therefore believe that both the trade and consumers should be clear about it and thus be able to follow us in their own eco-responsible choices.