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Madras®Flooring gets noticed.
Madras®Flooring can be strengthened and laminated, indispensable requisites for glass to be used in designing anti-slip walking surfaces.
Laminated with transparent float glass and suitably back-lit, it produces high impact anti-slip flooring that’s ideal for halls, offices, entertainment facilities, etc.
Laminated with opaque film or silvering and illuminated internally by leds, it can be used to create sophisticated high-tech “tiles”, also for hanging floors.

Back-lit anti-slip glass floor Madras Flooring.
Anti-slip glass floor.
Expo 2015, Milano, Wine Pavillon
Project: Studio Italo Rota
Glass: Pixel Flooring 8mm, extraclear, laminated and back-lit.
General contractor: Nussli Italia
Glass processor: Bivetro/Torino