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Madras® glass & aluminium, a high-tech ensemble.
Madras® offers a wide range of products in line with current design requirements for the manufacture of aluminium framed glass doors.
Luminosity, perfection of detail, silkiness to the touch, fingerprint resistance and ease of cleaning are ensured by Madras® satin finishing and chemical etching techniques, which give glass distinctive quality characteristics far superior to traditionally sanded glass.
All Madras® glass products can be strengthened and laminated for making doors in full compliance with international safety standards.
Madras® products are also available in a safety version laminated with a float glass base to UNI EN 12543: 2000.

Aluminium framed glass door
Aluminium framed glass door
Glass: mod. Strip.
Glass thickness 33.1 mm, laminated to UNI EN 1449: 2005.
Glass colour: clear.