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All-glass doors: all the quality of Madras®.
Unlike traditional sand-blasting, Madras® satin finishing and chemical etching techniques give glass qualities that are ideal for making all-glass doors, which are now the solution of choice because of their ease of installation and immediate effect in public and private places.
Unequalled in terms of luminosity, perfection of detail, silkiness to the touch, fingerprint resistance and ease of cleaning.
The Madras® catalogue is vast: minimalist patterning or high impact motifs, together or alone, offer ideal and long lasting solutions for all types of ambience, large or small, public or private.
All Madras® products can be strengthened and are therefore ideal for making all-glass doors in full compliance with international safety standards.

All-glass sliding door. Model: Madras® Graffiti.
Toughened glass sliding door.
Glass: Madras® mod. Graffiti.
Thickness: 10 mm.
Colour: extraclear.